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Luna and Keiko by art4oceans Luna and Keiko :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Dolphin Smile 2 by art4oceans Dolphin Smile 2 :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0 View from a bird's eyes by art4oceans View from a bird's eyes :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Luminous by art4oceans Luminous :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0 Global Marine Reserves by art4oceans Global Marine Reserves :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0 Tide Pools by art4oceans Tide Pools :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Yellow Fish by art4oceans Yellow Fish :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0 Dolphins Make Better Bubbles by art4oceans Dolphins Make Better Bubbles :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 1 Aurora of the Whales by art4oceans Aurora of the Whales :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Lionfish -by fraziu by art4oceans Lionfish -by fraziu :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 5 0 Colors of the Ocean by art4oceans Colors of the Ocean :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 3 0 Orca Soft Toy-Fat Willy by art4oceans Orca Soft Toy-Fat Willy :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 4 3 Fur Seals on the beach by art4oceans Fur Seals on the beach :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Sunset Dolphins Wallpaper by art4oceans Sunset Dolphins Wallpaper :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0 art4oceans website banner by art4oceans art4oceans website banner :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 1 0 Childrens art- The Sea by art4oceans Childrens art- The Sea :iconart4oceans:art4oceans 0 0


once upon a time... by ilona once upon a time... :iconilona:ilona 501 67 Little Santa Dolphin by jenniferstuber Little Santa Dolphin :iconjenniferstuber:jenniferstuber 41 30 Rudolph Phin Avatar by jenniferstuber Rudolph Phin Avatar :iconjenniferstuber:jenniferstuber 46 22 Tide pools by AdamShaw Tide pools :iconadamshaw:AdamShaw 143 72 Playful Commies by kfrosty008 Playful Commies :iconkfrosty008:kfrosty008 7 0 Dreamt Of Blue by DemonMathiel Dreamt Of Blue :icondemonmathiel:DemonMathiel 792 88 My Big Seal by enterprisedavid My Big Seal :iconenterprisedavid:enterprisedavid 6 37 Sand Drop by DemonMathiel Sand Drop :icondemonmathiel:DemonMathiel 1,246 159 Mermaid Tear by DemonMathiel Mermaid Tear :icondemonmathiel:DemonMathiel 2,526 238 Fruit Bowl Still life by Red-Flare Fruit Bowl Still life :iconred-flare:Red-Flare 28 4 Mother and Baby by Gypsy666 Mother and Baby :icongypsy666:Gypsy666 4 1 orcas by Gypsy666 orcas :icongypsy666:Gypsy666 15 1 Whales by Gypsy666 Whales :icongypsy666:Gypsy666 51 5 Ray by Mimi-Mushroom Ray :iconmimi-mushroom:Mimi-Mushroom 62 28



Greenpeace International
Current Residence: International, but our office is in Amsterdam
Hello everyone! We (ie: Greenpeace) are back! --the Art4Oceans project
This is the art channel of Greenpeace,
which provides the chance of anyone to view artwork that promotes love to our oceans.

Anyone can be our supporter by joining us, regardless of whether you have artworks or not.

Further support can be done by submitting ANY Greenpeace campaign related OR ocean life related artworks to us.

All of the above will be very much appreciated.

:iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans:

Please proceed to see more about us, together with our

Members & Affiliation list here:…

:iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans:

You may also consider to support Greenpeace by signing regular on-line petitions on Greenpeace, and :
The same forum also allows you to discuss up-to-date environmental and ecological issues with other members.
Note that we occasionally get into debate but not arguments with anti-activists.

:iconart4oceans: :iconcapitangiona: :iconart4oceans: :iconcherubfish: :iconart4oceans: :iconnirmonculus:
:iconcapitangiona: :iconart4oceans: :iconcherubfish: :iconart4oceans: :iconnirmonculus: :iconart4oceans:
Our latest news here:
(From newest to the oldest)

Greenpeace Forum is closed down due to lack of funding.
You may still discuss issues in a new forum created by former members:

Greenpeace Actions

The Whaling Issue--

"If Defending the Whales is a crime, arrest me!"

Japan's Whaling Programme in Disarray.
As the whaling fleet prepares to depart Japan, evidence is mounting of an industry in terminal disarray, as new revelations of financial and image problems add to the woes of the scandal-plagued industry.
View more at:…
Petition at:…
Discuss at:…

The 2 Greenpeace activists (known as the Tokyo Two) exposing whale meat from Japan are still under arrest in Japan.
The officials had announced that they will remain in jail for 10 years, shortly after one of its whale meat transportation ship was de-flagged.   
This is a violation against human rights.
More at:…

GreenpeaceVideos adds a new, well-drawn animation about WHALES and humans:
See it here-…

Credits to Koji Yamamura, the artist of this fabulous animation.

Please do rate it, comment on it, and/ or favorite it, but refrain from racial linked comments.
Thank you VERY much for your cooperation.

Now back to our campaign issues:
Support Global Marine Reserves!

Join the "Support Global Marine Reserves" cause at !… for online campaigns AND donations!

1. Help us stand against over exploitation on marine life.
2. Campaign against BOTTOM TRAWLING.
3. Ocean Trash control.
And many others.

Things you can do to promote art4oceans

Take part in playing plz games on other plz game pages.
Our club now owns 2 plz games:  eel and long seal


:iconlongsealtailplz: The codes for seal are iconlongsealplz iconlongsealbodyplz iconlongsealtailplz

:iconlongsealtailplz: The codes for Eel are iconeelplz iconeel2plz iconeel3plz iconeel4plz *blank* iconeeljawplz

art4oceans' facebook application!

We finally managed to start our ARTS application on !

If you are a user of, please do add to our application! Here:…

Also, if anyone of you would like to contribute by letting us use your art in art4oceans facebook, please do let us know.
It will be very much appreciated.

:iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans:

If there is an art theft, report us, and give the original artist.
We will arrange a negotiation between the original artist and the art submitter as soon as possible.



Modern whaling is nothing but scandals!
It's NOT science, it's NOT culture...
Help Greenpeace to voice out the truth!…

:iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans: :iconart4oceans:

Members & Affiliation list here:…


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Thesckass20 Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, i know that defending the environment is good, i defend it too but don`t be d*cks and stop destroying the Nazca ruins just because you just want to put a "Greenpeace" message please
i know you will hide the coment, and the truth along with it…
the-sashimi-frog Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
aussiegal7 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
Hi, Would you like to be affiliated with:

:iconanimal-stock-heaven: and :iconhorse-stock-heaven: and :iconstock-backgrounds:
selina Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009
:earth:"Environmental Awareness and Green Living" Art Feature:earth:: [link]

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AlineJollie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009   Photographer
Great! I love Greenpeace actions!
Well I want to request something I'm not very good with
Photoshop or any other art program but I really want a
BB(big bar) for forums.
Well maybe I can get more people support you if they click the BB
I'll put your link but right now I relly want some for saving the whales if not I'll try to make one for you but maybe I'll ask with some friends I have.
Well that's all thank you and please continue with your efforts.
H1kaRi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
This is a very nice project!
I agree, modern whaling is a crime D:
It's so inhumane of them! How can they drive such wondrous creatures to near extinction...
If you'd allow me, I'd really like to join :nod:
art4oceans Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Thank you for your support.

Please send a note to join :)
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